The Dell Quay Ranger story began towards the late 1950's and early 1960's probably on the back of a cigarette packet by a couple of friends in a pub on the Hamble. It is strongly suggested that the birth of the Ranger was  originated from a cancelled order by the Ministry of Defence, for boats to be dropped from aircraft. We don't know, but with the introduction of this website to the world, hopefully, more information will be forthcoming.

A company called Dell Quay Productions Ltd. was formed, and with hulls built by Fairey Marine, a design and build programme was mounted.

The hulls were for the 23' and 26' Fairey Huntress designed by Raymond Hunt and modified by Alan Burnard - more detailed information may be obtained from the Fairey Owners Club website - and a limited number of 25' Rangers were produced. It is believed that 18 were constructed. The larger and more comfortable Dell Quay Ranger 27' was then developed and sold by Dell Quay Sales Ltd., and with information from various sources it is thought that not more than 65 were built and the actual figure being more like in the middle 50's. About 7 of these were the single cabined Dell Quay Tropicals (or Fisherman). The first vessel built in the early 1960's was known to be named "Tuesday's Child", the second "Lazy Doll" and the third "Yogi's Ranger".  


Dell Quay Ranger 27'


Dell Quay Tropicana 27


According to records Fairey Marine supplied a total of 88 hulls to Dell Quay Productions Ltd. Incredibly 21 Rangers are known to be in Guernsey in the Channel Islands.


The final chapter was the Ranger 36', a fine vessel reputedly "over-built", and as with the previous boats  extremely good sea-keeping qualities. It is thought 12 were built from 1969 and two years later production was taken over by Northshore Yacht Yard of Itchenor in Sussex, a company set up by ex-Dell Quay staff.


Ranger 36


Technical Spec.RANGER 25'RANGER 27'RANGER 36'
Length25 ft27 ft36 ft
Beam8 ft 6"9 ft12 ft
Draft2 ft 4 ins3ft3 ft
Displacement5040 lb5600 lb14500 lb
Performance20 knots25 - 42 knots18 - 30 knots
Fuel Capacity100 galls100 galls240 galls

Price in 1966 for the Ranger 27' fitted with Volvo AQ110/200 power units 6680 or with Volvo 150/200 power units 7380. N.B. Though taken from the original Dell Quay specification leaflet, some of the information may be questionable